In July 29th, the general manager of X-TIGI Com. Ltd. led the staff to travel to Gu Lang Yu in Xiamen for stimulating the staff's enthusiasm and motivation.
X-TIGI unleashed a new smartphone model, the X-TIGI A1 and its high-end version A1 Plus on successive days earlier last month at 3 separate launch events, respectively in Kenya, Cameroon and Ghana.
Both the X-TIGI A1 and the X-TIGI A1 Plus will be available for sale across retail stores in the Africa Continent between September 15th, 2017 and September 20th, 2017.
Bali is a paradise, island of the Gods. Are you thinking of coming to Bali Island? Believed it or not, I’m proud to tell you that Bali is a must visit place. As my company X-TIGI just generously organized all employees to have a week’s tourism there on April 1 to April 6 of 2016. Right now I will be your eyes there.
28th Sep., 2015—3rd Oct., 2015,X-TIGI had joined the Annual Trade Fair in Nairobi Kenya, and set his own independent exhibition area. There was very hot sales at the spot. X-TIGI mobile phones got the unanimous praise of customers and also the from the relevant government staff. Meanwhile, our X-TIGI Boy gave his first show in t...
Miss COCO with X-TiGi staff walked through the street to give the publicity.
X-TiGi sponsor Mombasa University of science and technology football match.
Special price for all the phones, send gifts while buying X-TiGi mobile phone and can join the lottery draw.
October 26th, 2013, Saturday, a friendly basketball match was held between the employees of X-TIGI and the Huaerji factory in Shenzhen Yantian Huaerji basketball court.


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